To prepare the spread, squeeze the orange

To prepare the spread, squeeze the orange

Even if the Spanish authorities have already started investigations, the question of who or who is guilty did not concern the Spaniards and the world as much at first. Journalists and camera teams from all over the world kept watch at a great distance from the accident site on the Cerro de la Corona hill, which had been completely sealed off by the police. The Spanish Bishops‘ Conference called for prayer for the child. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and other personalities encouraged parents and helpers to persevere.

Parents already lost a child

In the poor Málaga suburb of El Palo, where the family lives and where the little one was always going up and down in his green tricycle, the people are inconsolable. "I wake up at night and say to myself: My God, how is that possible"said an older woman. They know there: the parents lost a son in 2017 who died of heart failure at the age of three. On Thursday evening there was a night watch for the family in Totalán, Julen’s parents José and Vicky could not hold back tears.

Undertakers bring the little boy’s body away from the scene of the accident: Many people in Spain criticize the authorities. (Source: Jon Nazca / Reuters)

While the miners fought their way through the hard rock to Julen, the little one was meanwhile the number one topic of conversation in pubs, cafes and offices. Doubts about the work and the assessments of the rescuers and the authorities were often voiced. "What if the little one is not in the hole? You never saw him down there"For example, the pensioner Manuel (85) asked the group a few hours before the child was rescued in a bar in Madrid. Another interjected: "And don’t you think that it took too long for the escape holes?"

Spain mourns: Julen fell unchecked 71 meters into the depth Drama in Spain: "We’re not going without Julen" 

The experts and politicians involved in the search had always rejected all doubts and criticism. And bad, too slow work? "Nothing was left to chance. There has never been a comparable campaign"said the president of the Málaga Fire Brigade Association, Francisco Delgado Bonilla. One has "A very demanding job that actually takes months to complete in days".

Sources used: dpa news agency

In North Rhine-Westphalia, an arsonist set fire to two hectares of a field. The police were able to arrest the alleged perpetrator. 

The police in North Rhine-Westphalia have arrested a suspected arsonist in a field in Dinslaken. As the officials in Wesel announced on Monday evening, the 16-year-old was "with a burning object, similar to a torch", en route and was watched by witnesses. They informed the police when they saw flames shortly afterwards.

The fire destroyed a field and parts of a tree nursery over an area of ​​around two hectares. The amount of damage was unclear. Four firefighters suffered minor injuries during the extinguishing work. The criminal police are investigating.

Sources used: AFP

If you love fruity and light spreads, you can conjure up a delicious creation with blackberry jelly, which you can make yourself in just a few steps – and even last for a long time. You can find a recipe here.

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Blackberry jelly: you need that

Of course, you have an advantage if you have your own blackberry bush or access to wild plants – so you have the necessary amount of fruit together quickly. Overall you need the journal for the simple recipe "Delicious" the following ingredients:

2 kg blackberries 500 g diet gelling fruit sugar (3: 1) 1 pinch of cinnamon powder

How to make blackberry jelly: Here’s how

First wash the blackberries thoroughly and then boil them in a saucepan with 100 milliliters of water for ten to 15 minutes.conclusion for argumentative essay Line a sieve with a cheesecloth and hang it in a bowl – there you put blackberries and juice. Gradually crush the fruit through the cloth and let the juice that is now caught in the container cool down.

Next, fill 1.4 liters of the blackberry juice and stir the liquid together with the preserving sugar and cinnamon in a saucepan. Boil the liquid over high heat and let it simmer for about three minutes.

Final steps: preserving the jelly

If necessary, foam the jelly off after boiling and pour it into prepared glasses. Seal it tightly and turn it upside down – the jelly should now cool in that position.

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Stored this way, the blackberry jelly should last for about six to nine months.

Rescue teams spent almost two weeks looking for Julen, who had disappeared in a deep well. Now the worst fears became a sad certainty. 

Hope burst in the middle of the night: at 2.21 a.m. early Saturday morning, the official announcement came that little Julen, who had disappeared in a deep hole in the south of Spain, could only be recovered dead. Hundreds of emergency services had worked tirelessly for twelve and a half days to find the two-year-old on the hard-to-reach Cerro de la Corona hill in Totalán, not far from Málaga. The little one fell into the hole on a trip with his family. During camera shots, a bag of sweets that Julen had with him was discovered in the shaft, and the boy’s hair was later found. More than 300 rescuers took part in the rescue work.

According to the latest official findings, Julen fell through the narrow hole around 71 meters deep on January 13 "in free and rapid fall". "This is indicated by the position of the body"said the delegate of the central government in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, to journalists on Saturday. According to the media, the little one was probably dead immediately. An autopsy was supposed to help determine the exact circumstances of his death on Saturday. The judiciary had opened an investigation days ago.

A minute’s silence for little Julen: The sympathy for the boy’s death was huge all over Spain. (Source: Jon Nazca / Reuters)

Sympathy is enormous

After the tragic outcome, many took part. "All of Spain shares the infinite sadness of Julen’s family", tweeted Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in the middle of the night, who also thanked the helpers. The royal house of Monarch Felipe VI. spoke his "deepest pain" and his condolences to the family.

The city of Málaga announced a three-day mourning, hundreds gathered in front of the town hall of the coastal city on Saturday morning for a mourning rally and a minute’s silence in honor of the little one.

Politicians, personalities like the Italian singer Laura Pausini ("I can not believe it") and Hollywood star Antonio Banderas, who "shocked" showed, and even the Spanish Football Association and many people abroad, who had also shivered for days, tried to comfort their parents José and Victoria on social networks.

Little Julen’s parents: The boy was trapped in the borehole for almost two weeks. (Source: Jon Nazca / Reuters)

An extremely difficult undertaking, because the unemployed market vendor and the operation of a fast food chain are severely tested by fate. In 2017 they had already lost a son. Julen’s older brother Oliver died of heart failure when he was three years old while walking on the beach.

How hard the blow was not only for the people in the province of Málaga, but throughout Spain, is proven by the desperation of many in Madrid, 500 kilometers away. "I stayed up to watch the bailouts on television. After the terrible news came, I couldn’t get back to sleep"said the bank clerk María crying in a bakery in the capital.

Not a few had until the end of the much-invoked "Miracle of Totalán" believed. In the Málaga suburb of El Palo, where the family lived, people had formed a big heart with white and red candles on Friday night. In many churches people had been praying for the little one for days, and citizens organized guards. But the miracle did not materialize in the end. When the emergency services got as far as the boy on Saturday morning, they found him dead. This was preceded by new setbacks due to the extremely hard rock on Cerro de la Corona near Málaga.

Undertakers bring the little boy’s body away from the scene of the accident: Many people in Spain criticize the authorities. (Source: Jon Nazca / Reuters)

Rescuers buried lying down through the massive rock

After days of drilling, Julen was found at a depth of more than 70 meters. "At 1:25 a.m., the emergency services located the little one’s unfortunately lifeless body"Rodríguez Gómez de Celis tweeted. The Spanish Civil Guard wrote: "Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of so many people, we didn’t make it … rest in peace Julen."

Rescuers had tried since January 13 to get to the child in the extremely narrow, only 25 centimeters wide shaft. However, there were no signs of life from him, and it was unclear at what depth of the illegally dug hole in search of water it was. According to the family, the hole was commissioned by the friend of one of the father’s cousins.

Experts had assured to the last that it was not impossible to find the child alive. However, hopes for a happy ending had shrunk by the minute. There were repeated delays, especially when drilling a parallel tunnel, because the rescuers encountered extremely hard rock. Experts emphasized that months would normally be needed for such an action, in which 40,000 tons of earth were removed. There has never been a comparable emergency at such depth anywhere in the world.

Julen found dead: Many questions remain unanswered

Since Thursday evening, experienced miners from the northern Spanish coal region of Asturias had dug a four-meter-long horizontal tunnel from the bottom of the parallel shaft under the most difficult conditions in order to advance to Julen. They could only work in teams of two kneeling or lying down for 36 hours and fought their way through the rocks with picks and jackhammers. Microblasting was necessary several times, for example on late Friday evening when the men were only a few centimeters from Julen. Until recently it was unclear whether the boy would actually be found at the depth assumed by the experts.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In addition to fresh bread rolls, a good breakfast includes tasty jam or refreshing jelly, such as grape jelly. Store spreads often contain additives that can trigger hypersensitivity reactions. If you make the jelly yourself, you will know about the ingredients. The jelly is easy and quick to make with grape juice.

Preserving fruit – jam, compote, liqueur & Co.
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Grape jelly with ginger

For ten glasses of aromatic grape jelly you need the following ingredients:

– 2,400 grams of unsweetened grape juice- 1,600 grams of preserving sugar 2: 1- 1 lemon- 5 grams of grated ginger

Mix the grape juice with the preserving sugar in a saucepan. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and remove the pulp. Then prepare the ginger: grate the root in fine rasps. Add the ginger and lemon ingredients to the juice mixture and heat the mixture. The jelly needs to boil for a total of four minutes. Stir constantly so that the spread does not burn. Finally, pour the spread into hot rinsed glasses while still boiling. Close the jars with the appropriate lids.

A summery jelly with oranges

If you want to make a fruity grape jelly, add citrus fruits to the grape juice:

– Juice of 1 orange- grape juice- 500 grams of preserving sugar 2: 1

To prepare the spread, squeeze the orange. Then add enough grape juice to make a total of 900 milliliters of liquid. Mix the juice with the preserving sugar 2: 1 and let the mixture simmer for four minutes. Pour the jelly into prepared glasses. 

Fine grape jelly with amaretto

If you want to make a fine jelly, add amaretto to the base:

– 1 liter of grape juice – 100 milliliters of lemon juice – 100 milliliters of amaretto – 1 packet of citric acid – 1 packet of jam sugar 3: 1

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Mix the grape juice and lemon juice together for preparation. Then add the amaretto and the packet of citric acid and the preserving sugar. Then simmer the mixture for a few minutes. Fill the spread, which is sufficient for about five glasses, into appropriately prepared containers. 

Have you tried kumquats before? The small fruits are reminiscent of oranges in appearance and taste. Read here how kumquats can be eaten, where and when you can buy them and the best way to store the dwarf oranges.

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Kumquats: mini-sized oranges

The approximately four centimeters long fruits are orange or yellow and have a skin similar to oranges – but the pores are finer. The aroma is also reminiscent of the citrus fruits: Kumquats taste sweet and at the same time a little sour.