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But we do have a few toys that have lasted, a few that my dog can’t actually destroy. Here’s my 7 picks for the best indestructible dog toys. The propensity to chew, however, isn’t only due to teething. Even older dogs chew which isn’t a bad thing since chewing can help keep teeth and jaws strong and clean while also helping relieve anxiety and reduce boredom. In other words, chew toys are an exceptional option because they offer some across-the-board benefits.

Considering the wide availability of dog-proof tennis balls, I see little reason to go back to a traditional green-fuzzy one. At the end of the day, tennis balls are designed to be hit around a tennis court, not chased or gnawed on by your dog. However, if a compressed ball moves to the back of your dog’s mouth, it can pop back to full size and block your dog’s airway. The larger mouth gives more opportunity for the ball to work its way to the back of the throat – especially if your dog grabs more than one tennis ball at a time.

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Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these are bad dog tennis balls. Some put up a great fight and were only just edged out by our top picks. However, based on our testing, we see little reason to choose these over our recommendations above. With that said, not every ball can be a winner. While our top picks outperformed, the following dog tennis balls fell short in one way or another. This is another dog toy made right here in the USA.

Tug of war can be a fun game for your dog, but make sure to teach a command word for ending the game. Also, try to use specific toys for this game so that your dog doesn’t think that every toy is meant for tugging. A durable crowd-pleasing tug toy that did not make our list below is the Bumi with Zogoflex by West Paw. We’ve cut through the clutter to present you with ten must-have dog toys, with a few bonus toys along the way. Navigating through the dog toy landscape can be a challenge, with cute stuffed animals and endless varieties of balls and frisbees all clamoring for your attention. For a slightly different take on ball launching, try this dog ball stomper that is entirely foot-powered! Made of durable rubber, you simply stomp your foot on the launcher to send the ball sailing .

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Kong is a brand widely known for its durability, and its version of the frisbee is just that. This is a plush, Frisbee-like ring that comes in different sizes and colors, with some heavy-duty stitching around the edge and multiple squeakers inside. My dog Audrey was fascinated with this toy from the moment it was unwrapped.

These antler pieces may splinter and we chose not to give our dogs all of the pieces included with the assortment, we threw site  a few away. As with all chew toys, supervision is necessary. Elk antlers are about the most durable chew toy on the market.

For small dogs obsessed with fetch, particularly those with squashed faces, then this is the dog tennis ball for your pup. Jasmine has enough trouble with a regular-sized tennis ball at the best of times.

The vibrant red hue will keep you from losing it in the grass, although we’re pretty sure your dog won’t let that happen. Your dog’s fetch toy should be easy for you to throw, and easy for your dog to catch. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re trying to heave a toy as far as possible to get your dog to run and it only lands five feet away. Good aerodynamics are essential for your fetch toys. he best fetch toys are made from easily washable and non-toxic materials. There is no oversight in the dog toy manufacturing industry, and even buying a toy made in the United States doesn’t guarantee a non-toxic toy. You want to avoid toxins like BPA, Lead, Arsenic, Bromine, and more — check out this article for information on how to find a non-toxic dog toy.