The mission lasted around three hours in total

The mission lasted around three hours in total

For safety reasons, the track area should be kept free for fire and rescue service vehicles and is not intended for igniting fireworks.

Depending on the situation on site, the police, fire brigade and public order office decide in coordination with the municipal utilities and the Rhein-Sieg transport company when the Kennedy Bridge can be opened again.

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Due to the closure of the bridge, traffic obstructions are expected in the city center. Motorists are therefore asked to avoid the area during this period, to bypass it widely or, if necessary, to switch to public transport early on.

Sources used: City of Bonn: Press release of December 18th

A huge black cloud of smoke could be seen over Essen when a tire hall burned down in Kettwig. It is now clear why the fire broke out. Still, there are unanswered questions. 

The fire in an assembly hall of a tire dealer in Essen-Kettwig last week apparently broke out as a result of arson. The police have now announced that, reports the WDR. However, the background to this is still completely unclear.

As reported, the 500 square meter hall was completely in flames last Friday night. Thick smoke drifted over the city area, tires exploding could be heard for miles. The fire brigade deployed 50 emergency services on a large scale. 

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Nobody got hurt. The amount of the damage has not yet been determined.

Sources used: dpaWDR news agency: „Arson at Essen tire dealer“

In Hamburg, two residents of an apartment building have put a grill in their apartment and triggered a gas alarm. The house was evacuated and the polluters went to hospital.

Due to increased carbon monoxide levels, the fire brigade evacuated a residential building in the Hamburg district of Billstedt this Saturday. Two residents had put a heated grill in their apartment on the first floor to warm themselves, as a fire department spokesman said. The man and woman were rushed to hospital on suspicion of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Emergency services ventilated the three-story building. The eleven residents were then able to return to their apartments. The Hamburg radio station NDR 90.3 had previously reported on it.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The fire department in Kiel was concerned about a fire in a residential building.inspired by the power of community service essay Residents reported heavy smoke in the basement of the house in the Mettenhof district. That triggered a major operation.

After a fire in the basement of an apartment building in Kiel, a family was brought to a clinic. The two children as well as the father and mother were suspected of smoke gas poisoning, as the fire department announced. 

In the Mettenhof district, residents noticed the smoke and alerted the fire brigade on Friday night. 78 emergency services were deployed. They prevented the flames from spreading to other parts of the house.

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Around 50 residents were accommodated in a bus during the operation. The cause of the fire was initially unclear.

Sources used: dpa news agency report from the Kiel fire department

In an allotment garden in Bonn, some gazebos caught fire. Because of the heavy smoke and the extent of the fire, the fire brigade had to request further help.

Four arbors were burning in Bonn-Dransdorf. 45 emergency services were deployed to fight the fire in an allotment garden. After the first firefighters arrived at the scene, the alert level had to be raised and further help requested.

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On the adjacent tram line towards Bornheim / Cologne, traffic had to be stopped during the fire-fighting work. The mission lasted around three hours.

Sources used: Bonn Police: Press release from 23 September

A defective elevator fell several meters unchecked to the ground floor in Munich. A man and a woman who were inside were injured.

On Thursday afternoon, an elevator fell about six meters in a residential building in Munich. One man was seriously injured and one woman was slightly injured in the accident.

After a loud bang between the first and second floor, the elevator fell six meters down without braking, the fire department announced on Friday. Just above the basement floor, an automatic emergency brake blocked so abruptly that the two 25-year-old inmates were injured.

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Already at the beginning of the journey they had noticed strange noises in the elevator, it was said. Construction workers in the residential building on Grillparzerstrasse in Munich heard the bang and alerted the fire department. The two injured were taken to a hospital. The cause of the accident was initially unclear.

Sources used: News agency dpa Fire Brigade Munich: Communication dated December 20, 2019

In Berlin-Steglitz, an SUV has rammed a traffic light mast with apparently increased speed. Three people were seriously injured.

On Tuesday night a BMW X5 crashed into a traffic light mast in Thorwaldsenstrasse in the Berlin district of Steglitz. According to previous knowledge, the SUV was traveling at high speed when the vehicle crashed into the mast. The „Berliner Morgenpost“ reported that it had drilled through to the back seat. The three occupants were seriously injured in the accident, reports the dpa.

According to the „Morgenpost“, the fire brigade had to rescue a man and a woman from the vehicle wreck. The woman was so badly injured that the rescue helicopter „Christoph Berlin“ was alerted. The injuries suffered by the 18-year-old driver in the accident were initially classified as life-threatening. „His condition is said to have stabilized again in the meantime,“ said the police.

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Individual vehicle parts of the heavy SUV are said to have flown at least 25 meters through the air. It is not yet known what caused the accident.

Sources used: With material from the news agency dpaPolizei Berlin: Press release from September 22nd „Berliner Morgenpost“: „Blaulicht-Blog: Brand new BMW X5 shattered on traffic light mast“ show more sources less sources

Over 60 bombs were destroyed in Hamburg in the first half of the year. That sounds like a lot at first, but the city has seen a decline.

The munitions clearance service of the Hamburg fire brigade removed 66 bombs in the first half of the year. In the whole of the previous year there were 136, as can be seen from a senate answer to a small request from the CDU member of parliament Eckard Graage. In the case of the other ordnance finds – including ammunition in particular – there is a clear decline. While 10,624 were removed in 2019, the figure was only 170 in the first half of 2020.

The total amount of ordnance cleared was 6.152 tons in the previous year, in the first six months of this year only 0.869 tons. However, the numbers fluctuate greatly. In 2018 the result was 3.717 tons, in 2017 it was 10.307 tons. 

Over 6,000 requests for review

In the first weeks of the second half of the year, the ordnance disposal service defused three large explosive bombs in Hamburg: on August 4, a 1,000-pound dud in Schnelsen, on September 1, a 500-pound bomb in Neugraben, and the next day an explosive device that was just as heavy in Wilhelmsburg.

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It is very likely that further missions will be made by the ordnance disposal service. By August 1 of this year, 6,090 applications for a review of Hamburg properties had been submitted, the Senate reply said. In the entire past year, 9,137 applications of this type were received by the ordnance disposal service.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Several cars burned in an underground car park in Stuttgart. This resulted in damage of several hundred thousand euros.

Several cars caught fire in an underground car park in Stuttgart on Sunday. The cause of the fire in the Heumaden district was initially unclear, as a police spokesman said. A witness noticed heavy smoke coming from the underground car park. He immediately alerted the police. Due to heavy smoke development, the fire brigade was initially unable to penetrate the garage in the residential area.

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The police estimated the damage in advance at several hundred thousand euros. People were therefore not injured.

Sources used: Police Stuttgart: Press release from October 11, news agency dpa

A fire broke out in a youth hostel in the Au-Haidhausen district of Munich. Around 300 young people had to leave the facility. Only a few days earlier there was a fire there.

A fire broke out in a youth hostel in Munich early on Friday morning. Around 300 young people need to be looked after. Injuries in direct connection with the fire were initially not known, individual young people were being treated with circulatory problems, said a fire department spokesman in the morning. 

Around two in the morning, a fire broke out in a living room on the third floor on the site in Au-Haidhausen. „Three rooms were on fire and flames broke out of the windows,“ said the spokesman.

Extinguishing work „expensive“

The young people from the affected part of the building were brought into the dining room, the spokesman estimated their number at around 300. In the morning, the emergency services continued to do „extensive extinguishing work“, which should drag on into the morning. The statics of the building will also be checked, as the fire brigade announced on Twitter. The cause of fire was unclear for the moment.

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The fire brigade was only called to the youth hostel on Tuesday night after a waste paper basket caught fire in a toilet. Nobody was injured: Two young people noticed the flames and pressed a manual fire alarm, it said. The police started investigations into the cause of the fire.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A fire broke out in an underground car park in Karlsruhe. Several vehicles burned out completely. Hundreds of thousands of euros were lost.

A fire in an underground car park in Karlsruhe resulted in high property damage. As the fire department announced on Monday, several cars, scooters and a trailer were on fire in the garage in the early morning. Four cars, two scooters and the trailer burned out completely. Another car was badly damaged.

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According to the police, the property damage is 200,000 euros. The cause of fire was unclear for the moment. No one was injured in the fire.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Berlin, the fire brigade has moved to a ten-storey building in the Staaken district of Spandau. A fire had been reported in the entrance area.

It burned on Friday night in the entrance area of ​​a ten-storey residential building in Berlin-Staaken. A resident was taken to hospital with suspected smoke inhalation, the fire department said.

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According to the information, junk deposited in the house on Heerstrasse caught fire. The fire brigade has extinguished. The cause of the fire was initially unknown.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Nuremberg, the fire brigade extinguished a fire in a residential building. They discovered a dead person. 

A man was found dead in a house fire in Nuremberg. The 46-year-old was discovered on Thursday during the extinguishing work, as the fire brigade and police announced. According to the fire department, no other people were in the building.

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The fire had broken out in the morning, so when the fire brigade arrived, the flames were already breaking out of a window on the ground floor and threatening to spread to the roof structure above.