In the past few weeks, thousands of people had signed a petition calling for an apology from the government. Source:, dpa „With the Desert Palm Achievement Award – the wonderful Julianne Moore. (Photo: REUTERS) The Oscar race is on the home stretch: on 15.

In the past few weeks, thousands of people had signed a petition calling for an apology from the government. Source:, dpa „With the Desert Palm Achievement Award – the wonderful Julianne Moore. (Photo: REUTERS) The Oscar race is on the home stretch: on 15.

The „“ Eiserne „“ had just signed a new number one. Football Bundesliga club Union Berlin is facing the signing of former U21 national goalkeeper Loris Karius from English champions Liverpool FC. According to „“ Kicker „“, the „“ Eisernen „“ agree on a change with the 27-year-old, the ex-Mainz man should come to the Alte Försterei for a year on loan. „“ This is a possible new addition „“, declared Unions managing director Oliver Ruhnert after the 1-1 draw at Borussia Mönchengladbach on TV broadcaster Sky, who was the first to report on the imminent change. Ruhnert did not want to confirm the deal yet. Karius moved from Mainz to Liverpool in 2016 and had spectacularly blundered in the 1: 3 of the Reds in the 2013 Champions League final against Real Madrid, but also because he after a clash of his head with Real Madrid Defense chief Sergio Ramos was badly hit. Most recently, the keeper was loaned to Besiktas Istanbul.

After a dispute over salary payments in May, however, he returned to the Reds before the end of the season. There Karius is only number four among Liverpool’s goalkeepers and has no chance of playing time. Union had signed Andreas Luthe from Fuggerstadt, who was in goal in the first two league games, to replace Rafal Gikiwiecz, who had switched to league rivals FC Augsburg. Manager Ruhnert does not want to see the desired commitment as a loss of confidence for the current number one: „“ Andi Luthe is partly responsible for the fact that we got a point here. We’re very satisfied with him, „said Ruhnert. Karius has played 91 games in the Bundesliga so far. Source:, tno / dpa / sid „The new management duo of the Berlinale is looking at“ „the dark side of people“ „(Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Nazi scandal , Strip show in the basement, movie theater closings: the new management duo of the 70.

Berlinale would have wished for more comfortable starting conditions. Abysses also open up in many competition films. The 70.

Berlinale is going to be gloomy – at least this applies to the competition films of the festival that starts on Thursday. „“ You are looking at the dark side of people „“, announced the new artistic director Carlo Chatrian – both on personal fears and worries about the state of the world. The Italian doesn’t have to be more specific to immediately arouse associations of war and crises, among other things. And it also makes it clear: The Berlinale remains a political festival. „“ The Intruder „“ turns the life of the Argentine Natalia Meta into a nightmare. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The German-Afghan director Burhan Qurbani filmed with „“ Berlin Alexanderplatz „“ recreated the novel by Alfred Döblin and turned it into a current refugee application biology essay writing service

The capital also plays a bigger role in two other films: In the second German competition entry, „“ Undine „“ by Christian Petzold, Paula Beer gives a mysterious city guide in Berlin. And the Swiss production „“ Little Sister „“, in which a woman (Nina Hoss) takes in her terminally ill twin brother (Lars Eidinger), was filmed around the Schaubühne. After 18 years at the Berlinale under Dieter Kosslick, who was most recently criticized for the selection of his films, the competition program of the new duo from Chatrian and the Dutch managing director Mariette Rissenbeek was awaited with particular excitement. The big reform did not materialize. „Our goal was not to change the Berlinale, but to continue the history of the festival,“ explained Chatrian.

Still, it could be an impressive competition. The selection of the film “DAU. Natasha ”by the Russian directorial duo Ilya Khrzhanovsky and Jekaterina Oertel. For the „“ DAU „“ art project, a huge simulation of the totalitarian system under Stalin, hundreds of extras stayed for years in a replica of the Soviet world in Ukraine. The film shows part of it.

Sally Potter’s drama „“ The Roads Not Taken „“ with Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning and Salma Hayek has the most prominent cast. The story: A father hallucinates how his life could have turned out and makes his daughter feel insecure about her decisions. In addition to the Berlinale-experienced directors Qurbani, Petzold and Potter, there are other old acquaintances in the competition – such as the South Korean Hong Sangsoo, who is with „“ The Woman Who Ran „“ tells the story of a lonely wife. Or Benoît Delépine, in whose comedy „Delete History“ „three cyberbullying victims declare war on social media platforms. And Willem Dafoe plays in „“ Siberia „“ by US director Abel Ferrara a hermit who fights against his demons alone in the mountains. The „“ dark side „“ emphasized by Chatrian is revealed in several other films: In „“ The Intruder „“ by Argentine Natalia Meta, a traumatized woman meets a man who turns her life into a nightmare again.

The drama „“ Bad Tales „“ by Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, set on the fringes of Rome, tells of sadistic fathers, passive mothers and indifferent teachers, while the documentary „“ Irradiated „“ by Rithy Panh tells of the genocide in Cambodia. The Iranian Mohammad Rasoulof thematizes in „“ There Is No Evil „“ the death penalty. A total of 18 films compete for the Golden and Silver Bears, which will be awarded on February 29 by the international jury chaired by actor Jeremy Irons – significantly less than otherwise: The „“ Out of competition „“ category has been abolished.

These productions will now be shown as a Berlinale Special Gala, for example the opening film „“ My Salinger Year „“ by Philippe Falardeau: The Coming-of-Age-Story with Sigourney Weaver portrays the New York literary scene and a young writer who works as an assistant in a Agency the fan mail from cult author JD Salinger answered. The Berlinale Special Gala will also run the documentary „“ Hillary „“ about the US politician Hillary Clinton. Johnny Depp plays the celebrated US war photographer W. Eugene Smith in „“ Minamata „“. „Curveball“ recounts how the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was based on false intelligence. „“ Persian Lessons „“ with Lars Eidinger shows the Holocaust from an unusual perspective: a prisoner who pretends to be a Persian and not a Jew has to teach Farsi as proof.

In the Berlinale Series section, Cate Blanchett presents the series „“ Stateless „“ about Australian refugee policy. The panorama shows the # MeToo drama „“ The Assistant „“ and a portrait of the artist Christoph Schlingensief, who died in 2010. The second competition, Encounters, is new and aims to provide a forum for unusual films that go beyond conventional production methods.

Meanwhile, autograph hunters can lurk on the red carpet for Depp, Blanchett, Hayek, Fanning, Dafoe or Clinton, among others. And Oscar winner Helen Mirren, who receives the Honorary Golden Bear. But back to the key word gloomy: The entire film festival was under dark omens during the preparations. Sponsors dropped out, the Cinestar festival cinemas were closed, and the strip show „Magic Mike“ moved to the basement of the Berlinale Palast. The weekly newspaper „“ Die Zeit „“ shocked with the revelation that Alfred Bauer, director of the film festival from 1951 to 1976, was a high functionary of the Nazi film bureaucracy.

And again and again questions about the coronavirus had to be answered. According to official information, however, visitors can feel safe: „“ The Berlinale is in close contact with the Robert Koch Institute and the Berlin health authorities. Depending on the risk assessment, further possible measures are continuously checked. „“ Source: „Union coach Urs Fischer does not want to officially declare the prominent newcomer Loris Karius to be number one before the next home game against Mainz 05.“ „You have to make yourselves surprise „“, said the head coach of the Berlin first division club before the game on Friday (8.30pm). „“ He played test games.

He was in training. He actually has the prerequisites to be used, „“ explained Fischer. 1. FC Union had loaned the 27-year-old goalkeeper to Liverpool for a season at the beginning of the week. Karius has been training at Union since Tuesday.

Of course, he will now hold talks, including with ex-Augsburg resident Andreas Luthe as the previous first choice in goal, noted Fischer: „“ In which direction this will go, I will definitely not comment. „“ Source: „At the London auction house Bonham two German encryption machines of the type“ Enigma „from the Second World War were auctioned. According to the auction house on Tuesday, an unknown person paid 57,500 pounds (almost 67,400 euros) including surcharge for a machine from 1944 from 1940 or 1941 went under the hammer for 60,000 pounds (70,300 euros). During the Second World War, the German military encrypted its communications with the „Enigma“.

According to the German Museum’s website, 100,000 to 200,000 Enigma machines are said to have been built during the war. According to Bonhams, the devices became more and more complex as the war progressed in order to make decryption more difficult. Source:, dpa „He cracked the Nazis‘ Enigma code, but in his English homeland he was persecuted for being homosexual Poison death. An Enigma machine. (Photo: AP) 55 years after the suicide of Alan Turing, Great Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown has symbolically apologized for the treatment of the mathematician and cryptanalyst. „“ It is no exaggeration to say that without his extraordinary contribution the World War II history could have turned out very differently. He was one of those whose unique contribution turned the tide of the war, „“ Brown shared in London.

The thanks due to Turing make his inhuman treatment all the more terrible. Turing was not only instrumental in deciphering the Enigma code that the Nazis used to encrypt their messages during the war. He also created the basics of computer science. Because of his homosexuality, Turing was tried in 1952 and convicted of „serious fornication“.

He had to choose between prison and chemical castration. He decided against going to prison and was given a series of injections of female hormones. He killed himself two years later.

In the past few weeks, thousands of people had signed a petition calling for an apology from the government. Source:, dpa „With the Desert Palm Achievement Award – the wonderful Julianne Moore. (Photo: REUTERS) The Oscar race is on the home stretch: on January 15th it will be announced who can hope for a golden boy. We introduce the favorites, hopefuls and shaky candidates. The second most important election documents of the year are currently being evaluated in Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences called on to determine the best performances of the 2014 cinema year.

Until January 15, it is not even clear how many productions will even compete for the title of best film at the gala on February 22. Since 2009, the statutes have allowed between five and ten nominations. Richard Linklater’s twelve-year-old family portrait „“ Boyhood „“ and „“ Birdman „“ with ex-Batman Michael Keaton as a former superhero actor are considered to be fairly certain finalists.

The three biopics „“ The Imitation Game „“ starring Benedict Cumberbatch as computer pioneer Alan Turing, „“ The Discovery of Infinity „“ „about the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking“ and „“ Selma „“ „about the work of the US human rights activist“ also have the best prospects for a nomination Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosamunde Pike and Ben Affleck – a nightmare couple. (Photo: AP) In addition to numerous critical awards, all of these films have received nominations for Golden Globes, Critics‘ Choice Movie Awards and (with the exception of „“ Selma „“) of the US actors‘ union SAG. The latter is of particular interest as an indicator for the Academy Awards, as union members also vote at the Oscars. That is why Wes Anderson’s comedy „“ Grand Budapest Hotel „“, which started in March 2014, is suddenly considered a possible candidate for the king category thanks to the SAG Awards nomination. You could also get involved with „“ Unbroken „“, „“ Foxcatcher „“, „“ Into the Woods „“ or „“ Gone Girl „“.

Outside opportunities are given to „“ Whiplash „“, „“ Nightcrawler „“, „“ A Most Violent Year „“, „“ American Sniper „“ by Clint Eastwood and Christopher Nolan’s „“ Interstellar „“. The prize for best director is then only space for five candidates. Richard Linklater („“ Boyhood „“), Alejandro González Iñárritu („“ Birdman „“), Norwegian Morten Tyldum („“ The Imitation Game „“) and newcomer Ava DuVernay („“ Selma „“) are all in the forecast far ahead. Wes Anderson („“ The Grand Budapest Hotel „“), Damien Chazelle („“ Whiplash „“), David Fincher („“ Gone Girl „“) or Angelina Jolie („“ Unbroken „“) should take the remaining space turn off.

Should the actress get the nomination, for the first time in Oscar history two women would be nominated at the same time in the directing division. Also long overdue: Julianne Moore’s first Oscar. The actress was nominated four times, most recently eleven years ago for „“ Dem Himmel so Fern „“ and „“ The Hours „“. For weeks it has been considered certain in Hollywood that the universally adored 54-year-old will finally receive the Oscar for best leading actress for her portrayal of an Alzheimer’s patient in „“ Still Alice „“. Reese Witherspoon („“ Wild „“), Felicity Jones („“ The Discovery of Infinity „“), Rosamund Pike („“ Gone Girl „“) and Jennifer Aniston („“ Cake „“) will lose out it will be with men.

Nominations for Michael Keaton („“ Birdman „“) as well as the British Eddie Redmayne („“ The Discovery of Infinity „“) and Benedict Cumberbatch („“ The Imitation Game „“) are widely accepted. Steve Carell („“ Foxcatcher „“) and Jake Gyllenhaal („“ Nightcrawler „“), who both received a lot of praise for their unusual roles, can still hope for a mention. In addition to anthemic reviews for the film, the civil rights drama „“ Selma „“ has also received additional attention from the recent cases of excessive police violence against African Americans in the United States.

Leading actor David Oyelowo could benefit from this. Unfortunately, there is no reason for particular tension when the Oscar nominations are announced for director Dominik Graf.